Best Instagram Accounts for Interior Decorators: #FF

Following the same Instagram accounts gets old, you start knowing what to expect every time you open the app, and all of the photos you look at kind of blend together. Freshen up your Instagram feed with our #FF (Follow Fridays) weekly column — here to give you recommendations of who to follow depending on what you’re into. The first week starts off with photos for the interior decorator side of you. 

1. Emily Henderson / @em_henderson

Bio: Stylist, interior designer, mom, Target Home Spokesperson, TV host, and founder/writer of a daily style blog.


2. Domino Mag / @dominomag

Bio: Welcome to domino magazine on Instagram! | Click on the link below for more info on our posts.

A photo posted by @dominomag on


3. Miles Redd / @milesredd


A photo posted by Miles Redd (@milesredd) on


4. Claire Zinnecker / @clairezinnecker

Bio:|| interior designer + maker + blogger + adventurer + dog lover || little snippets of my life ||


5. Houzz / @houzz

Bio: The new way to design your home.

A photo posted by Houzz (@houzz) on


6. Emily Katz / @emily_katz

Bio: Creative Direction, Styling — Interior Design — Macrame commissions, wholesale, and workshops — Portland, OR and #tripamonth adventuress

A photo posted by Emily Katz (@emily_katz) on


7. Rikki Snyder / @rikkisnyder

Bio: Food, still life & interior photographer & stylist. NYC, Hudson Valley + beyond

A photo posted by Rikki Snyder (@rikkisnyder) on


8. Design Milk / @designmilk

Bio: Design Milk is a website dedicated to modern design founded by Jaime Derringer. This is the official Design Milk Instagram account.

A photo posted by Design Milk (@designmilk) on


9. Grace Bonny / @designsponge

A photo posted by Grace Bonney (@designsponge) on


10. Est Magazine / @estmagazine

Bio: Global living with an Australian twist. A free Australian digital design magazine curating the best in global design, fashion, interiors & lifestyle.

A photo posted by Est Magazine (@estmagazine) on


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