Circle the Globe With Me & Subscribe to My YouTube Channel

This is a blog post about a channel named UC82Fq5lTEirK8d2AVdrd6KQ

(I’m patiently waiting for 100 subscribers so I can have a real channel name — YouTube’s rules).

Wait, What?! 

After blogging for six years, the time has come. The time has come for something new.

Channel UC82Fq5lTEirK8d2AVdrd6KQ is a way for me to bring you around the world on adventures with me via a camera and a platform called YouTube.

It’s not just a travel vlog (or a way for you to procrastinate at the office). I promise it will inspire you to discover the wanderlust that lives inside you, and it will give you the solid info you need to exercise it. You know, the stuff I didn’t research upon leaving the country that came back to bite me later.

On that note, shoot over a tweet and let me know what you want to see. Or a travel-related question you have. I’m all ears.


Everywhere! Costa Rica, Philippines, India, Japan, Grenada … We’ll leave it at that. It’s usually a spontaneous choice of where to go, and where I can find a house sit.


New videos every Monday. Subscribe so you know when there is a new one, and to make that first business day back a little better.


Just little old me. And sometimes my boyfriend Colton. And my animal friends when I have them. And human friends when I can find them.

In a nutshell, we’ve been circling the globe the last 10 months, working remote, and are constantly in search good waves.

Why a YouTube channel?!

Because nobody reads anymore. Haha, no but seriously, to do something different. There will be still be blog posts, but sometimes blog posts don’t quite give you guys the whole vibe. I want to give you a more real view and something for you to enjoy when you want to put down the reading glasses.


Watch the intro video below and subscribe here. Please help me get up to 100 subscribers so I can have a real YouTube channel name!

Oh, sorry, UC82Fq5lTEirK8d2AVdrd6KQ.

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