Kerala Backwaters: The Eco Houseboat Experience

Exploring the Kerala Backwaters is the best part of visiting India.

What are the Kerala Backwaters? They are basically a large system of inter-connected rivers and lakes that are lined with beautiful palm trees, local people and their villages, and many types of beautiful birds. The Kerala Backwaters are pretty freakin’ huge. The area we visited, specifically are called the Backwaters of Alleppey.

When we went, we decided to stay on an eco-houseboat that didn’t even move. Why the hell would we do that?! Watch this video to find out:

*Apparently I don’t know the difference between a conductor and a captain. My B.

How long should you rent a houseboat for?

One night isn’t really worth all the effort. Three nights might be a little too long to be hanging out on a river. Two nights is juuuuuuuuuust right.

What’s the best time to go?

We went the second week in December, and the weather was perfect.

Want to stay on the same eco houseboat we did?

Here’s the AirBnB link: Antony’s Eco Houseboat.

On that note, need a clean and reliable hostel to crash at?

We stayed at a place called Paradise Inn Guesthouse the night we got in and the night before our plane left to Varanasi the next day. Can you tell I’m a huge fan of AirBnB?

The room was clean and comfortable, and close to everything in Alleppey. Not that there’s really anything else you really want or need to do in the area.

Plus it has a huge hippy-like open roof with hammocks and areas for chillin’. Psssst: It was $11 a night. Super cheap.

Internet works best in the lobby.

Other things you might wonder about and want to know:

There are no alligators in the river. I asked, so you don’t have to.

The “cook” stays on the boat with you. There is a language barrier, but it’s not a really problem. He’s cool and mostly does his own thing.

By the way, he makes three solid meals a day! I gained like 10 pounds on the houseboat, but it was totally worth it. You can’t pass up fresh fish!

As far as the schedule of things, you basically wake up each day, have breakfast, then the captain comes and takes you for a ride, then you eat lunch, then you can go kayaking, then you’re exhausted, then you have dinner by candlelight, then you drink wine on the roof of the boat and watch the stars. Then, lights out.

Have any other questions you want answered about the Kerala Backwaters? Ask them below in the comments!


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