11 of the Best Girly Things To Pack in Your Surf Bag

This is not a sponsored post.

Surf bags are the weirdest kind of bags to travel with. You get a lot of weird looks at the airport because it kind of looks like you are carrying a human body around, and if someone accidentally gets too close to you and you make a quick turn without noticing them, the scene has immediately turned into an episode of the Three Stooges.

But, your surf bag really grows on you. I love my surf bag because even with my surf board inside of it, it has a ton of extra room for a bunch of things I probably don’t need, but really like to have. Such as my entire Sharpie collection. Unless you are a super hardcore backpacker, when you’re packing in all your actual surfing necessities — your wax, your zinc, your rash guard — throw some fun girlie stuff in there too. Here are some of my faves.

Hemp & Honey and Bare Minerals

1. Hemp & Honey Plus Body Cream. This stuff is amazing. It has the consistency of whipped cream cheese and smells like vanilla and sugar cane. Yeah, you do want to eat it, but you can’t. Bonus: Great for massages.

2. bare Minerals face powder. Your skin naturally gets oily from visiting rainforest-like environments (where all the best surf spots are). bareMinerals doesn’t feel like wet clay on your face after a long day. If you really want to get fancy, bring the Mineral Veil, that stuff seriously works wonders.

3. Portable speaker. Bonfires on the beach, ya’ll! It’s happening.


4. Jason Mark Quick Wipes. Sooooooo good for cleaning your dirty ratchet looking kicks and making them look new again. I was so surprised at how well these worked the first time. They have these little beady things in them that actually scrubs with some sudsy dirt and scratch be-gone potion. Clean sneakers is one of my personal VIRTVEs.

National Geographic Traveler Magazine & Sharpies

5. Travel magazines. So you can keep expanding the list of all the places you’ll go. I blame National Geographic Traveler for the majority of my life decisions.

6. Sharpie markers, Sharpie pens … Do you follow Sharpie on Instagram?! You should.

Piyamas Coconut Oil for mosquitos

7. Coconut oil. To prevent the ‘squitos from eating you alive. Can also be used for cooking, if you participate in that. I found this Piyamas bottle in Thailand, and it’s been holding up well.

Surfing swimsuit

8. Your favorite bathing suit, since this is basically your second skin. Hopefully yours stays on … I mean while you surf!

9. Lip gloss. So you can sing, My lip gloss is poppin. My lip gloss is cool. All the boys keep jockin. They chase me after school. Or you can just wear it and be cool and not sing anything. My favorite is from Express. It’s the chunky kind that adds weight to your lips, but does not come off! Downside: this lip gloss is so thick it catches all the bugs if you’re driving on the back of a motorcycle. Not so tasty.

Mini purse & Passport - VIRTVE

10. Mini purse. Where do you think the aforementioned lip gloss goes? This one belonged to mi madre from back in the day. #Vintage.

11. Passport. You definitely don’t want to forget this!

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