New Year, Face Your Fear

For those who didn’t know, our website is pronounced virtue. We try to post things surrounding that theme. Something we find really important, a true virtue, is being able to face your fears. People tend to want to start fresh at the beginning of the year, and what better way to do it than to change what could be considered a negative trait, or experience in your life, to a positive one.

No matter what country we are writing about, or city we are reminiscing, we can all relate on the universal meaning of fears. Some fears can be good, and keep us from making really big mistakes, but it’s the bad ones that really sink their claws in. Sometimes they can cripple us, both physically and mentally. We want to open up to our followers and share a journey in 2016, all about facing these fears.

Here are our fears, and the fears of some of our friends as well:


I was raised in Wisconsin, and although Lake Michigan looks like the ocean, it isn’t. So when I moved away, having an ocean nearby was my only requirement for a new place to dwell. However, a traumatic scenario while on vacation in the Bahamas changed my carefree attitude when it comes to getting in the water.

The second I get past my ankles I feel a panic set in and have to get out. I can’t even watch my fiancé surf or swim in the water. I can’t imagine how fearful I will be when my daughter starts wanting to swim in it. I don’t want to be scared of the ocean anymore, it is my most favorite thing in the whole world. I also don’t want to pass along my fear of the ocean to my daughter, so I really need to face it.

We recently were given a longboard, and surfing is something I have tried in the past but not since said incident. I want to get back out there and get over this. That’s the fear I am going to face in 2016.



So, I’ve done some stupid shit in my life — I still do. Usually it involves not being scared enough, to be honest. I’m not going to go into it all — okay, it’s been a few surgeries, breaks, and countless sprains. But anyway, I’m scared my body is going to give out on me early in life because of my “youthful” decisions.

Kaitlyn Schlicht snowboarding

I’m 25 and my knees feel like they belong to a senior citizen. Seriously, I wake up in the middle of the night because of them, stopped being able to run years ago, and have to get up on planes and busses just to walk the aisles ’cause they start aching after a half hour. Don’t want to make this a sob story here, and you don’t want me to go through the list of things I’ve tried to do fix them, but it’s just one of those things that I think about, A LOT.

How am I going to deal in 2016? Well, I’m traveling the world because I know if my knees suck this bad now, they’re going to really suck in 10 years. Hope I don’t end up in a wheel chair between now and then. I don’t have time to wait to retire to travel the world, my body ain’t going to make it.

The other thing I’m going to do? Steal my mom’s mantra, “Cross that bridge when you get to it.” I’m also going to be more thankful about what I can do, and enjoy it. I can still strap in, paddle out, be the first to cliff dive into unknown waters (okay, maybe that ones gotta go). I can still fulfill these voids that offer logical explanation as to why they exist in my mind. Sure, I’m not doing my body-damaging hobbies at the level I once was able to, but to face this fear, I need to stop having it right now.


I was born and raised in Wisconsin. I grew up in a small country town, and graduated high school in a small class. Post graduation I moved to downtown Milwaukee, because although I was raised a country girl, I knew deep down my heart and soul belonged in the city. For nearly 10 years I attended two colleges, bartended at numerous bars throughout the city, and made a ton of friends and lasting relationships that I value so much.

Less than two weeks ago, I graduated college with a BA of Arts in Fashion Marketing. For the last year my heart has been telling me that although Wisconsin is my home, it is not where I am destined to succeed and find true happiness. In two weeks I am moving to San Francisco, CA. The excitement I have for this adventure is beyond thrilling, but the anxiety and fear I have is also intimidating. The time is right, and I have nothing holding me back. If I don’t do go now, I never will. I fear the unfamiliarity of my surroundings, making new friends, being financially secure, and everything in between. Will moving outside of my comfort zone be worth it?


Thus far, I have lived a very active, interesting and progressive life (between school, my career, traveling, relationships, etc.) My fear is that my current lifestyle will eventually slow down and I won’t be “living on the edge” as I once did. Granted this is a natural occurrence that comes with aging, but, I don’t want this happening to me. I want to be forever inspired to do better, be better and experience incredible things.

For example: one of my bucket list items is to travel at least half of the world’s countries before I die. I don’t want myself to one day say, “Eh. I was very optimistic in my twenties.” I couldn’t imagine a world where I am not working my way up in my career and gaining new experiences that add to my repertoire. With factors such as age, marriage, and kids, I fear I’m not going be able to figure out a way to balance responsibilities with such a forward moving life.

This year, I need to make sure something monumental happens, particularly in my career. I am going to continue to speak my goals into existence, hold myself accountable and strive to make them a reality.


I absolutely love people. Out of everything God created, humans are my absolute favorite. I don’t know why or how it happened, but over the last few years I have developed an unhealthy addiction to my favorite thing. I am at a point in my life where it terrifies me to be alone, ever. If my husband is at work, I’m at school, and if I’m not at school, I’m hanging out at my parent’s house with my mom. My mother and I don’t have to exchange one word, but as long as I know she’s in the same house as I am, I can fully function.

It has gotten to the point where I cannot think straight without someone around me and I recognize how terrible that is. This year I am facing my fear of being alone. My husband is getting out of the military in April and was offered a job four hours away in Virginia. To some, four hours away from family and friends may seem silly to fret over, but for me, it’s a huge step. We have decided to move to Virginia and take the job, and I have a feeling that after some growing pains, I’m going to love some quality alone time.

Be sure to check back with us in June to follow up on how we are facing all of these fears in 2016! Also, we also want to hear from you! What are your fears and how you plan on overcoming them in the new year? 

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