One Happy Stomach Keeps Traveling in Italy

Our time here continues in the beautiful and green Montelpulciano, Italy (say it in your head with an Italian accent, and kind of loud — it’s really fun). Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Day 3

San Biagio Italy, Photo: Chelsea Chorpenning
San Biagio church

We visited a nearby church that looked very extravagant and church-like called San Biagio. Then we roamed around, commenting on the traditions of the Catholic church and how much of an impact they it used to have in society and still have today, especially in Italia. Conveniently, there was a nearby wine tasting place called Poggio alla Sala Famiglia Gattavecchi, where we sipped different reds and whites and took photos to capture the beautiful moment.

Afterwards we got pre-dinner snacks at a place called Pizzeria Rosticceria and made dinner back at the grand villa (which I’m now officially naming it).

Italy, Photo: Chelsea Chorpenning
Vegetarian parmasean lasagna dish at Pizzeria Rosticceria

Day 4

Italy, Photo: Chelsea Chorpenning
I could eat capris salad every day.

Another beautiful day. We haven’t had any rain thus far, nothing but blue skies and sunshine. We filled out our time with some serious R&R at the pool, made capris salad, and then went into another nearby hilltop town, Monticchiello.

In Monticchiello, another region known for its delectable wine offerings, we walked around and explored some more, stumbling upon an art garden and appreciating the beautiful stone architecture.

For dinner, we went to La Porta Osteria, another fabulous Rick Steves (AKA, the man!) recommendation. I had my favorite dinner dish, lasagna, and we all conquered the Il Primo Orcia (2008) — one of the most smooth and delicious wines we have tasted thus far. Vinnnnnnoooo!

Il Primo wine at La Porta
Il Primo wine at La Porta

Day 5

We woke up early to bid one of the members of our party adieu by waking up early and having cappuccino and pastries overlooking a beautiful view in the town at a place called Caffe Poliziano, one of my favorite highlights from the trip. Then we went to these awesome hot springs located in Bagno Vignoni for a long and relaxing soak. Of course, that made us hungry, and when in Italy, do as the Italians and eat delicious food all the time, so naturally we headed to la Terrazza (in Bagno Vignoni) for some wine, apps, and doodling.

Bagno Vignoni
Bagno Vignoni

Day 6

On Day 6 we chilled (hard) by the pool, I caught up on some work, and then we decided to enjoy a fabulous dinner at our new favorite local restaurant, Osteria del Borgo, the place we went the first night we were here. Colton’s father ordered the rabbit stew, an original recipe from the grandmother of our server. I had the bolognese … mmmmm.

Day 7

Spent all day at the grand villa working and napping by the pool. For dinner, Chelsea is cooking a delicious pici (Tuscan noodles) dish with a secret red sauce. I’m smelling it cook right now.

Been to Italy? What are some of your favorite restaurants and dishes to order? 

The captivating photos of Montelpulciano, Italy you see in this post are all taken by Colton’s sister, and good friend, Chelsea Chorpenning. A Denver-based photographer, Chelsea finds beauty in her natural and constructed surroundings. She shoots weddings, events, portraits, homes, and currently is documenting her trip to Italy. Be sure to browse through more of her gorgeous photography works on her website ChelseaCPhoto.comInstagram, Facebook, and Tumblr. For photo inquiries, shoot her an email at

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