Millennial Dads Rock! 8 Reasons We Think So

I remember hearing stories about how men would sit in the hospital waiting rooms and the doctor would come out and show them their new boy or girl. This logic seems so foreign to me, because dads these days are more involved than ever. Between the cute dad diaper backpacks, paternity leaves, and a true 50/50 split of baby duties, millennial dads are doing it right if you ask me. I do want to mention, that I know many dads who AREN’T millennials, to which all of these apply. To them, I would like to say THANK YOU, if it wasn’t for you, our guys wouldn’t know how to do it! 🙂

Without further ado, here are 8 Reasons Why Milliennial Dads Rock

1. They are a big part of pregnancy.

Millennial dads are showing up at our appointments with us, passing out our ultrasound pics to family members like candy at Halloween, beaming with pride. Not that our traditional dads weren’t proud, but millennials dad’s don’t have any reservations showing it!

2. They are going through the name lists with us.

… picking out which car seats will be the safest, and discussing which accent color would look best in the nursery. One of my most favorite memories was garage-saling every weekend for months with my man picking up things here and there for our little one before she arrived. It was a ritual: We would get a Bojangle’s Chicken Biscuit, a key to a pregnant lady’s heart, and then hit the yard sales!

3. Millennial dads are a HUGE part of the labor process.

They are right there, holding our hands, and wiping our sweat. Millennial dads might forget your hospital bag in the car, ahem, but they are in the room with us sharing the moment, and that is what really matters.

4.Millennial dads an opinion.

They get involved in the daily decisions being made. They notice something worrisome, and they decide it’s time to switch wipe brands, or shampoos. Got to love a guy that takes a stand!

5. They are educated.

They read something about an ingredient in a baby product that doesn’t sit well with them, so they help figure out a better solution. They know exactly what is good for their kiddos, and what isn’t. Not only that, but when you are reading about potty training even though your baby is only 6 months old, they listen to your game plan on how you guys should do it. Does it matter that neither of you will remember it? Hell to the no.

6. They are officially baby spammers!

I love love LOVE when you see a guy blowing up facebook with pics of his kiddos. It makes my heart melt. Fortunately for me, I am friends with a lot of these kind of dads. It’s so sweet, and I love how it’s not just the moms anymore, dads have joined the world of baby spamming and it makes me soo happy!

7. Millennial dads want to break the cycle.

They want to ditch the ideal that changing diapers in public places is just for moms, they want to try and baby-wear, and damnit, they want a few months to stay at home and get to know their child too!

8. They get how being a mom is the best thing in the world…

But we want our independence too. And they encourage us to embrace it. The days of a mom staying at home to raise a family are not gone. But the days of dad stepping up so moms can go back to school, or get back to work, are here. They understand that there is fulfillment in other things than raising children, I know, crazy logic right?! Not to millennial dads, they help us pursue it by holding sh*t down while we seek it out!

We asked millennial dads to send in their favorite photos so we can tip our hats to them even more. Check out this slide show of some cute, noble, and just plain funny photos of all the rockstars with their minis:

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