You Want These Girls’ Sneakers #FollowFridays

Sneakers are super hot right now. And the female community is making some serious headway with their love for them. From the die-hard sneakerheads versus I-just-really-like-sneakers girls, we still think that a passion for sneakers is a passion for sneakers, and it’s okay that there are different levels. Here are some of the girls who we enjoy following for our shared love for sick sneaks. And let’s just say, we want them all.

1. Adrianne Ho / @adrianneho

Bio: Model and Founder of Sweat The Style

A photo posted by Adrianne Ho (@adrianneho) on

// 2. Soraya Yd / @Sorayayd

Bio: Born: NYC ❤️ LA/NYC Agency Represented TV HOST/MODEL Fashion/Music/Pop Culture Honing my ADD skills ? Colombian.Lebanese.Brazilian SNAPCHAT??SorayaYd

  A photo posted by Soraya Yd???? (@sorayayd) on


3. Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick / @Kaitfitzy

Bio: Kaitlyn Kehaulani Fitzpatrick Originality | UC Berkeley Alum | Model at @starsmodelmgmt @notiesmgmt @wilhelminamodelsmia

// Jazzy Lord / @nerdlikejazzy

Bio: Editor in Chief at SlamXHype || KicksonFire || Run DMC’s CLICKS || royalty. heroism. the streets. TSG’s Woman of the Year 2014 Twitter @jazzyrae

A photo posted by Jazzy Lord (@nerdlikejazzy) on


5. @janegoldenarms

Bio: janegoldenarms Writer of words.

// Linda Garcia / @luzwarrior

Bio: DREAMER of dreams, LOVER of love and CHINGONA of chingonas. | Snapchat: OG.LuzWarrior | Twitter: LuzWarrior

A photo posted by Linda Garcia (@luzwarrior) on


7. Megan Ann Wilson / @SheGotGame

Bio: Aesthetics + Athletics Stylist + Consultant + Writer   the6/NYC  ? ?Twitter: shegotgame ?Snapchat: shegotgame85

A photo posted by Megan Ann Wilson (@shegotgame) on

// Rachel Annamarie Demita / @rademita

Bio: being important is nice, but being nice is more important ❤️? snap/twitter: rademita watch my newest video here ⬇


9. Kimberly Kamish / @Kimberly_Kamish

Bio: Zuri Models & Talent Management – Martha Stewart is my spirit animal! KimberlyKamish.Home coming soon ??

A photo posted by @kimberly_kamish on

// Emily Elaine Oberg / @EmilyElaineOberg

Bio: emily ☻Low-key

A photo posted by emily ☻ (@emilyelaineoberg) on


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