7 Ways Your Relationship Changes After Having a Baby

Let’s face it: After all the adjustments you make throughout pregnancy, the last thing you want to worry about are changes within your relationship too. But, as life would have it, it all sort of happens at once. There you are, in a bubble full of happiness, excitement, fear, and just generally overwhelmed with possibilities you’ve never faced before. With that said, from me to you, here are seven ways your relationship changes after having a baby to mentally prepare. You’re welcome.

1. You both cry, a lot.
I don’t know if my fiance and I are both really sensitive people, or what the hell the deal was, but I swear we cried for three days. She would wake up and we would be like “Oh my god, look at her, she is so amazing.” Emotions are running high, so for someone who isn’t normally sensitive, you might experience a little extra action in the water works department. Get ready for it, and don’t feel bad, everyone has a weird cry face.

2. You find a whole new love reserve tank you never new existed.
You look at your partner in a whole new way, and vice versa. There a million little feelings you both never had the capacity to feel, but do now. Enjoy this serious overload of love, it’s unlike anything you have ever experienced.

3. A relationship without sex?! Whaa??
Relax, it’s only for a little while. Just thought I’d throw it out there because I’m not sure what baby books I was reading, but six weeks is not enough time to get things on-n-poppin like they used to be. Just saying.

**There are actually exceptions to to this: couples who get pregnant a month after having a baby. To them I would like to say — I’m on to you. What sort of magic vagina medicine did you take and how can I get it?!

4. At some point, the butterflies and rainbows do start to wander off…
Don’t get me wrong, being a new parent is beyond wonderful. But eventually that dreamy, falling-in-love-with-eachother-all-over-again feeling does fade a bit. It is replaced by, oh-my-god-since-when-do-you-chew-so-fucking-loud feelings. It’s inevitable, you are together a lot more, and you both have different ways of doing things. Just remember, if you don’t have anything nice to say … try really, REALLY, hard not to say it! If all else fails and you are feeling in the dumps about your relationship after all the lovey-dovey wears off, just go onto a BabyCenter discussion forum. I guarantee you will find a more depressing story about someone’s spouse that will make you love yours all over again. Sorry for the shade BC ladies, but it had to be said!


5. You both realize that space isn’t always a bad thing.
For some people it brings clarity. To a new parent, it can bring much needed silence and mental organization. Find your me-time, trust me, your whole family benefits from this. You have to be the best you before you can be the best at anything else.

6. You reminisce on your relationship pre-baby as if it was another couple.
You don’t need to stress about this one at all, you guys will get your sexy back. While talking about those memories like they are ancient history, you quickly realize you are making so many new ones. These ones just consist of poop, and you will laugh way harder about these someday. They might make you laugh so hard you create a new poop story in your own pants … Probably not, but hey, I don’t know your life.

7. You will both have these amazing, AH-HA! moments where you tell yourself “You are f&%#ing crushing it!”
To you, filling your freezer with little homemade blueberry pancakes for your child will feel like the biggest accomplishment in your life thusfar. Because in some way, maybe it is. For your other half, maybe putting together a crib gave them the same rush. You both really are crushing it. Although there are a million suggestions and bits of advice on how to be a good parent, you are the only one who knows how to be your child’s parent. That is always enough to bring you together.

One thought on “7 Ways Your Relationship Changes After Having a Baby

  1. Although I am not a parent, I must applaud how great of an article this is. Bravo! You nailed it when you said “You have to be the best you before you can be the best at anything else” I can relate to that in so many aspects. I found myself literally laughing out loud and opening my mind/eyes to a whole new perspective. I look forward to one day experiencing all these things.


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