8 Things You Miss Traveling Abroad

I know, I know, people that get to travel/live abroad should just STFU. The struggle is NOT real. Whatsover. But, no matter where you move or travel for a long period of time, there is always a sacrifice, or 8ish at least. Here are 8 Things You Miss Traveling Abroad

1. Your besties.

Girl friends don’t just come and go. Well, except those ones that you meet at the bar at one in the morning, and then never talk to again. But I’m talking real girl friends. Ride or dies. You miss the shit out of them, a level at which can’t really be portrayed in a text message or Facebook post.


2. The activities you once participated in. 

No 4th of July celebration at the lake. Or smores (do they make these in other countries?! I honestly don’t know). No Mexican beer with salt (while not in Mexico), or inappropriate jokes that you just can’t tell with your new friends because they don’t know you on that level yet, and it would be weird if you did try joking with them like that. Nope, you miss these moments.

Kaitlyn Schlicht
Wakeboarding at Cody’s lake

3. Your favorite clothes that didn’t make it in the suitcase. 

Your favorite heels that left you thinking, Ugh, I should have known there is always room for at least one pair … Then you start thinking about just how strange to miss your Reebok Classics, Nike sneaker wedges, vintage New Balances, adidas Suedes, platform Vans … You can practically hear them screaming from your closet back home to which you think, Don’t worry rockstar kicks, I will one day come back for you.

Nike Dunk Sky Hi Liberty
Nike Dunk Sky Hi x Liberty

4. Hot water.

Depending on where you travel, maybe you do have hot water, maybe you don’t. If you don’t, it’s kind of like when the air conditioning goes out in your car, except the opposite of this.

5. Your usual hang out. 

There is just something about hitting up your favorite line up of bars in the summertime. (If you happen to be living in the Boulder area, then you know it’s going to Rio, then The Walrus, and eventually ending up at Absinthe — even while everyone protests going there). Your mouth starts watering just thinking about those knock-you-on-your-ass margs from your Happy Hour spot … and that cheap salsa that is still just as good when it’s watery as it is when it’s not watery.

Bohemian Biergarten Boulder Colorado

6. Tombstone frozen pizza.

I don’t need to explain this.

7. Concerts abroad just aren’t the same in a different country (unless you are somewhere in Europe, then maybe they are better, I really don’t know).

You will not be able to see Pretty Lights for the 8th summer in a row this year. Or STS9. Or take the party bus and forget how the night was before you even got off of it (and then realizing how much fun it all was from the Facebook pictures the next day). You softly cry to yourself at this thought.

Red Rocks
Red Rocks

10. Your favorite sushi [or insert other favorite food] spot. Yes this is the second food item on the list. Unless you are traveling abroad in Japan right now, then you know what it’s like to stop dead in your tracks remembering the last sushi roll you had at your favorite sushi spot.


All in all, you know literally just how minuscule these things are (minus the besties!), and as soon as you find yourself missing these things, you look around yourself and think how spectacular your exploration opportunity is, how much you’re learning about a new culture and yourself, and how wonderful it is to meet new friends in new places. You realize that even with all of these things combined, you are more sad that one day you will have to leave — unless you are Hannah Marsala. Time to squeeze everything in. Go. Go. Go.

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